Dock Boggs


Maybe you know this game where you get blindfolded and you throw a dart on a world map and the spot you hit will be your next camping destination?
Well I sort of did the same with a collection of country, blues, jazz and gospel books.
The spot I hit, was the photograph of Dick Boggs, and once you start seeing things they pop up everywhere!
Truly iconic picture of an iconic musician.

Dock Boggs “Sugar Baby” 1927

l’âme est sans retenue

It may sound strange this work of noises, but if you want to get a true and direct introduction to the compositional world of Jürg Frey
this is the work to listen to [repeatedly] at low to normal volume. Just letting the sounds be. There’s enough information on the composer
and on this work to help you on the way. / sijme storm

During a three month stay in Berlin from October to December 1997, the Swiss composer Jürg Frey made field recordings in a park. He recorded distant environmental sounds by setting a microphone in the middle of the park, to collect various sounds—traffic noises, town noises, rumbles—any kinds of distant sounds which reached the center of the park via space. His microphones also picked up some closer sounds occurring in the park. Later he composed three electronic tape pieces in a series, l’âme est sans retenue I—III, in 1998—2000, using these field recordings as the source material. All three compositions have a similar minimal structure in which continuous linear stretches of sounds (of field recordings) and stretches of silence—all with changing lengths—alternatingly fade in and out.
Introduction to the the three compositions by Yuko Zama


Here is the essay by Yuko Zama on the Frey compositions

erstwhile records
elsewhere music
b-boim records

JON HASSELL [1937-2021]

Praise the master of music collage who passed away june 26 2021.
He truly embodies the motto ” walker there is no path, yet you must walk”

For an obituary read:

For a beautiful concert registration:

So, this link has been removed by Paolo Fresu, but then replaced on his own channel.

What is there to say, the bottomline is a feeling of gratefulness for an artist who with intuition, creativity and perseverance opened a door to a new music.

[photography JAKE /]


Today 3-12-2020 Jean-Luc Godard will be ninety-years young!

There is only one JLG, and we all have our own Godard. To me JLG is like
Moving Poetry. The sharpening of the mind, the dancing thoughts.
Beautiful moments, the act of creation, this designing of meditations.

go on, try it, FILM FOR THE EARS

The power of things to move us ‘MONO NO AWARE”, this process of ‘the moving’, that what ‘moves’ us, is what triggers me, haunts me, fascination, sensations?
The moving image, the movings clouds, the edit/ montage, the substance, the contrast.
It is easily found in such things like desire, passion, this raw emotion that sets the wheels in motion, but it is also found in the delicate, almost unnoticeable things that move us, like the wind in trees.
I’m a researcher of movement, the ‘mono no aware’ the power of things to move us.
And here i find support in the work of others, Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Jullien, William Burroughs, Toru Takemitsu, Jurg Frey.
There’s great beauty in this study of the ‘mono no aware’ but also great danger, because you so easily get in a state of excitement , and you are no longer studying, and perhaps loose track and get lost for some time or…….