‘only a fragment carries the mark of authenticity’ [Bertold Brecht]

As of today i’ll be posting recordings from my archives. New, and not so new songs, or just simple fragments that I recorded over time, are posted here.
Mostly solo efforts, but also with my musical brother Luuk de Weert and
various guests and friends and even a band. Instant collage, electric chamber music, improvisation, songs , instrumentals, r&b, gospel, chanson-electronique
From Fi to Lo-Fi to No-Fi ….

all music and lyrics by Andre Hogeslag except where noted otherwise

Today’s release contains 4 songs


Recorded by the Bopshop. Ferry van der Werff: Wurlitzer e.piano and Hammond organ; Luuk de Weert: drums; Mischa Boeren: double bass; Andre Hogeslag: el. guitar and vocals.
[listen to the beautiful detailed original organ playing by Ferry, in the best French and American tradition!]
Arranged by the Bopshop and recorded by Harold Jalving.

‘Ça ira’ [it’ll be fine]
[La ou ça ira, on sera mieux/ where it was, i shall be. J.L.Godard]

Theme song, entirely made in Garagaband!
[my take on j-pop]

‘FANTASIA for piano’
i like the tradition of the 15th Century idea of the fantasia with it’s roots in the art of improvisation. It seldom follows the textbook rules of any strict form.


acoustic guitar, vocals and lloopp/ppooll

combining the chanson tradition [singer songwriter] with the world of electro-acoustic music: chanson-electronique!

JLG Designer of Meditations

2Track of treated voice [FG] and organ [BG]
‘le Petit Soldat’ [Jean-Luc Godard] & Bach Choral
[use headphone for detailed listening]

Most people specialise in one thing, and sometimes become a genius specialist. Designing cars, writing books, making money, making films, making war, philosophise, designing chairs, making peace, composing, the list is as long as there are people specialising in one thing.

Some people specialise in 2 or 3 things, sometimes completely different things, sometimes combinations.

JLG concentrates on different design tools that will fit his meditations at hand. This is the JLG that came into my life while being a teenager. And all along he’s been giving me tools to improve myself.

What has this to do with FILM? Is JLG a filmmaker? I say, he is a designer of MEDITATIONS. But JLG has something to offer for all of us. He is a homo universalis!

sound meditation on ‘Alphaville’ [ Jean Luc Godard ]
electric guitar & Max/PPOOLL

This meditation-maker will take you on an endless tour, showing you editing, graphic design, the art of color, sound-art, collage, politics, history, the art of motion design, the trailer, ….His meditations are confronting, puzzling, provoking improvisations, sometimes in the form of a movie or a documentary or a mix of both, but mostly they are essays using son+image.

Through the years I’m making my conversations with JLG, there’s always a moment in time where I feel inspired to give him some credit. Like a title! So when I was composing some music for electric guitar and the EHX FREEZE, I knew that one of them would be a ‘salut’ and indeed ‘a Godard’ turned out to be the one.

simple testrecording with an old iPhone
electric guitar & EHX Freeze

‘aGodard’ = Part of a collection of Solo Pieces for Electric Guitar and EHX Freeze