during my correspondence with a friend we were talking about music and film. Some names and subjects we shared got me in a creative mood, and i was wondering might there be a theme that would unite this all?

Yes: GUITARS, DRUGS & the YEAR 1969.
I tried my hand at some visual rhyming,

While the Beatles were still together,

Brian Wilson was clearing his situation with lots of medical support,

Peter Green experienced a bad LSD trip in Vienna and wrote the
‘Green Manalishi with the two Prong Crown’ while,

Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones were losing control in their world of drugs,

and Elvis made his Comeback Special and Comeback Tour!

and there are people landing on the MOON too and,

and then…………

then there is Terry Riley making his new music and quietly influencing everybody

‘Music with Balls’ 1969

watch this beautiful piece of music and art here:
[he never played the guitar, but let’s be fair he also never made a hitsingle!]

A young David Lynch is making his first short movies and already dreaming of ‘guitar-thrills’ ………

but that’s for another story!

And remember ‘ a bargain is a bargain, no matter what the costs’ !
[Agent Dale Cooper/ The Twin Peaks Tapes]