LLOOPP/PPOOLL Tutorial Part 1

This is my one and only software tool!
I love it and I hate it, an everlasting affair.
I used it a lot, check the electric souvenir soundcloud page!


I use LLOOPP/PPOOLL [by Klaus Filip a.o.] together with GLEETCHLAB [by Giorgio Sancristoforo] and SOUNDHACK [by Tom Erbe]

If you found your way here, i assume you are in need of some info on how
to get this stuff working. That’s the reason i’m posting the tutorial.

Just some background info:

Even though I’m not using LLOOPP/PPOOLL a lot at the moment [ my orientation is analogue these days ] i must say that using this software will bring you a lot, it’s a box full of surprises, new sounds, new ideas. If it was only for this purpose [to open yourself up for new musical insights] that would be enough reason to give it a try, give it time and enjoy. It will be very rewarding.

‘only a fragment carries the mark of authenticity’ [Bertold Brecht]

As of today i’ll be posting recordings from my archives. New songs or plain old songs, or just simple fragments that I recorded over time, are posted here. Some guitar, some Tascam Portastudio, some acoustic piano.
Mostly solo efforts, but also with my musical brother Luuk de Weert and
various guests and friends and even a band. Instant collage, electric chamber-music, improvisation, songs , instrumentals, r&b, gospel, chanson-electronique
From Fi to Lo-Fi to No-Fi ….

all music and lyrics by Andre Hogeslag except where noted otherwise

Today’s release contains 2 songs


Recorded by the Bopshop. Ferry van der Werff: Wurlitzer e.piano and Hammond organ; Luuk de Weert: drums; Mischa Boeren: double bass; Andre Hogeslag: el. guitar and vocals.

Arranged by the Bopshop and recorded by Harold Jalving.

Instrumental from my car radio, sending a signal to the stars!


“Fear of Heights”  soundtrack of  “a Double Life”  a                                                       documentary by director Ruud Bakker.

André Hogeslag: Electric Guitar, Hohner Electronium, Max/Msp                                       Luuk de Weert: Vibraphone, Percussion, PD

Utrecht 2015                                                                                                                    an Electric Souvenir Recording



Ic stont op hoghen berghen [for Anton Webern]

let’s start the new year with the release of a new electric souvenir song we made last july. ” Ic stont op hoghen berghen ” [I stood on the highest mountain/s] is a tribute to Anton Webern, a composer who we both love and who, now 70 years ago, was mistakingly killed by an american soldier who, haunted by this terrible accident, took his own life a few years later.

Ic stont op hoghen berghen [for Anton Webern] 10’35”                                                 [title derived from a minstrel song from 14th/15th Century]

luuk de weert: percussion, vibraphone, pure data [pd]
andré hogeslag: cd player, korg monotron, eh freeze, boss rc-20xl, max/msp           REMIX:  andré hogeslag                                                                                         recorded july 2014/ utrecht/ the netherlands                                                                     an Electric Souvenir Recording

tristesse d’une étoile

our submission for the sapporo-international art festival 2014


appolinaire’s war poem ‘Tristesse dune étoile’ is our inspiration for the composition with which we entered the sapporo international art festival 2014 competition

1914-2014 centennial  WW 1

tristesse d’une étoile

Une belle Minerve est l’enfant de ma tête
Une étoile de sang me couronne à jamais
La raison est au fond et le ciel est au faîte
Du chef où dès longtemps Déesse tu t’armais
C’est pourqoi de mes maux ce n’était pas le pire
Ce trou presque mortel et qui s’est étoilé
Mais le secret malheur qui nourrit mon délire
Est bien plus grand qu’aucune âme ait jamais celé
Et je porte avec moi cette ardente souffrance
Comme le ver luisent tient son corps enflammé
Comme au coeur du soldat il palpite la France
Et comme au coeur du lys le pollen parfumé.

Tristesse d’une étoile [20’02”]

André Hogeslag: Yamaha CS-10 analoque synthesizer, Max/MSP;  Luuk de Weert:  Vibraphone, Percussion, Pd;  Annemarie Steinvoort: Soft Synths and Voice

Poem ‘Tristesse d’une étoile’  [ G.Apollinaire ] presented by Marlies Koenders

Recorded 21-12-2013 / Utrecht / The Netherlands
an Electric Souvenir Recording

Painting of Apollinaire by Luuk de Weert

a darker sun [repost]

photography ebook by dean brierly [july 2013]

this interactive ebook features the photographs from the series, and a video presentation of the photos with music from luuk de weert and andré hogeslag.

‘Pale Blue Over Maroon’

Luuk de Weert: Vibraphone, PD                                                                                  André Hogeslag: Electric Guitar, Max/Msp                                                                        an Electric Souvenir Recording                                                                                  Utrecht / The Netherlands