Ic stont op hoghen berghen [for Anton Webern]

let’s start the new year with the release of a new electric souvenir song we made last july. ” Ic stont op hoghen berghen ” [I stood on the highest mountain/s] is a tribute to Anton Webern, a composer who we both love and who, now 70 years ago, was mistakingly killed by an american soldier who, haunted by this terrible accident, took his own life a few years later.

Ic stont op hoghen berghen [for Anton Webern] 10’35”                                                 [title derived from a minstrel song from 14th/15th Century]

luuk de weert: percussion, vibraphone, pure data [pd]
andré hogeslag: cd player, korg monotron, eh freeze, boss rc-20xl, max/msp           REMIX:  andré hogeslag                                                                                         recorded july 2014/ utrecht/ the netherlands                                                                     an Electric Souvenir Recording